HBW H Beam Welding Machine

Optional Features:

  • Rear hydraulic centring unit at in-feed conveyor
  • Camera system
  • Motorized welding head slides


H Profile Welding Machine is designed to obtain required high-quality special H profiles by welding platina parts in different sizes centred at input conveyor groups. For fast, reliable, quality results are provided under Akyapak Machinery Guarantee…

Operating Procedure of the system: The Machine is stationary and the operating part is movable through driven conveyors. The movement of the part to be turned into H profile is provided by motor+gearbox.

There are two different units of pneumatic torch connection stands on the main case. These stands move independently from each other.

The hydraulic cylinders included in the system provide the position of the H profile part.

The charging unit with a hydraulic piston is available in the system.

90º tipping process is applied to the H profile obtained from H Profile welding machine by tipping stands with the hydraulic piston.

The system allows the use of submerged arc welding machine in parallel with the brand determined by the customer.

The speed control system is activated through charging, main case (welding part) and output tipping stands.


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